Monday, August 18, 2008

Yogurt for Breakfast


Occasionally, I would stock up on yogurt and have them for breakfast. On this particular morning, I had Paul's naturally set yogurt, sliced bananas and honey drizzled over them. Hot Ceylon Breakfast Tea to wash them all down. Do you have your yogurt with honey and fruits too?

4 connoisseur(s):

Anonymous said...


used to buy alot of Paul's low fat yogurt! :D I love to eat it with fruits and jam and cinnamon, or with breakfast cereals stirred in.. YUMMY!

I like to stir breakfast cereals in and wait till it turns soggy. :p I'm weird.

ah Teo said... actually sounds great! I like my yogurt with honey and fruits like bananas or blueberries.

I like to soak cereals in milk, eat them up before drinking the milk. ;oP i'm weird too!!

Janice said...

I just recently discovered yogurt, honey, and banana, and I add almonds for an added crunch. I also like to add cheerios.

ah Teo said...

Janice: cheerios sounds like a good idea. I usually add almonds or just eat them like that. Recently i'm into greek yogurt.