Friday, January 23, 2009

Random eats

Cereal killer...with Meiji fresh milk {office brekkie}

Kopi Si {Toast Box}

Blurred pic of cauliflower gratin that I made

Teh Si. Model from Texas posing. {Toast Box}

Maggie Goreng {Al Ameen}

Chocolate cake that tasted like a bar. Too much cocoa. Sick after this.

Steak, medium rare. {Buddy Hoagies}

Chappati from KL kopitiam

Herbed Fish {Manhanttan Fish Market - KL}

Seafood Platter {Manhanttan Fish Market - KL}

Lemon & Herb Chicken {Nandos - KL}

Chicken chop from One Utama, KL

Chicken Adobo from One Utama, KL

Blueberry ball Toast {Old Town White Coffee, JB}

Meat craving {Carnivore}

Silly orange muffin that did not work out at all.

Scrumptious Noodles! {Circular Sumptous Square}

Half a duck. All mine!

I'll just post pictures of what I have eaten so far... In a bid to pack my own lunch and eat better food, I will post my pictures of packed lunches/breakfasts whenever I can.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Burger


Real Bacon...

Reach out and touch me!

What a long name to a delicious looking photoshopped burger. Wanted to try something new at Carl's Jr so I got this chicken burger instead of the usual beef ones.

Turned out to be average but at least it shows promise of becoming a great chicken burger because of the real bacon that was used. The crispy chicken patty just needs to be thicker, less salty and remain the same size. This burger is sure big.

Pardon the blur pictures as my hands were shaking with excitement and I can't wait to sink my teeth into one of these babies. The fries were good. They had jalapenos, salsa and a tomato pepper sauce that you can take from their sauce counter. Good stuff.

I left with a smile on my face and a discovery of a cheese sauce that they might have as I spied on another table. What's with the "civilized" fork and knife eating of a burger and fries that I spotted on yet another table? Geez..

Friday, January 16, 2009

Curry Rice at Yoshoku

Chicken Tonkatsu Curry Rice. No good.

Baked Mentaiko Scallops. Scallops were thin silvers of some seafood.

Unimpressive at all. Decided to have dinner at Serene Centre. We picked Yoshoku because of the tempting pictures of the Curry Rice. Service was spotty. No, I should say that it was no good. Experienced staff or even "owner" of the restaurant did not provide the most basic item in the restaurant.


Yes, after 10mins of staring at our food when it arrived, the utensils were not on our table and they seemed short handed. No one noticed anything wrong until we wanted to get a friend to help us get the fork and spoon. As expected, the food just tastes like how it looks. Requests for extra servings of curry were rejected with a mere excuse of how their curry comes in packets so one packet per serving. I think I could cook better than this.


I brought and packed my lunch and snacks for the week. Something that I ought to do for the longest time.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eggs & Tomatoes

I was trying to eat well so I cooked a sunny side up and one tomato. A few drops of soya sauce and pepper and this was ready to go into my tummy. It tasted great and I was quite full until some 3 hours later.

Monday, January 5, 2009

X'mas Dinner at Ikea

This dinner was on the actual day of Christmas. Who would have knew that it was a trend to celebrate at a furniture store cafe? The place was packed with many hungry diners including us but we were lucky to get seats within 10mins of wait. The couple that cleared their table for us was cheery enough to greet us with a "Merry X'mas!" nice of them.


The usual suspects like the meatballs and chicken wings made their way to our table. Meatballs with jam have never tasted this good even though it is mass produced. The chicken wings were even better. The Daim cake/pie looks like a Ferraro Rocher but somehow it tasted a tad too sweet for me.

This newly revamped place looks more spacious and have more seats, which is a good thing and what surprised me was the signs everywhere asking diners to clear their tables after they are done. What surprised me even more were the obliging diners doing the deed which you could never find them doing at foodcourts or fastfood restaurants. Hmm...I wonder...

X'mas Dinner at Curry Favor

Just 2 days away from Christmas, we decided to have our dinner treat at Curry Favor, Stamford House Branch.

The initial order of a Beef & Mushroom Curry, Crispy Chicken Chop and a side of Fish with cheese did not fill us up surprisingly. The portions were generous and yet the 3 of us were toying with the idea of having steak at Hog's Breath! Well, most of the idea were from me & Gab.

Meaty ideas aside, we finally settled for another order of Mushroom Curry so that Anna could be spared from the steak. Company was great, food was excellent and the weather was cool. What more could I ask for? :o)

My favourite Mushroom Curry!