Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tea break with Tea Cake...

Baileys Irish Cream Tea Cake

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon and we found ourselves at Esplanade wanting to try out an anonymous chocolate bar but found the items that were listed on the menu to be quite common. We were soon checking out this place formerly known as the "V Tea Room" and now the Cookie Museum. I was first drawn to the Cookie Museum by its Victorian theme some years back but never got a chance to try them.

There was an articulate and chirpy young lady promoting their cookies and mentioned a certain nasi lemak "savoury" cookie that caught my interest. One thing led to another and we were trying out almost all the exotic combinations that they offered. Before you know it, we were comfortably seated in the cafe and wanted to order some cakes to share. Baileys Irish Cream Tea Cake sounded alluring and we responded to our inner calling to try this cake.

It took quite some time for the cake to arrive and when it did, we were very excited to eat it. It is a rich, dense tea cake with hazelnuts sitting in a puddle of a warm sauce, topped with fresh cream. The cake was given a final drizzle of Baileys before we dug our forks in.

I think that the sauce actually helped in making the cake taste good. I could taste Baileys, coffee, chocolate and that little something else in it. I would have preferred if they provided spoons so that we could drink the sauce. Lol...but we were supposed to be "dainty" in this kind of setting.
It was a good experience if not for that exorbitant pricing that they put up for almost all their food items.

2 connoisseur(s):

Anonymous said...

How much does it cost?

i love baileys with milk!

ah Teo said...

jiaying: it costs $19++. there is service charge and GST. hehe...i love baileys too! ;oP