Sunday, August 31, 2008

Midsummer Night's Faerie Wedding at Bintan

Take 1

Not exactly on a midsummer night but more like a midnight wedding. Further details are kept confidential except for the cake that I prepared for the bride and groom.

This is a 3-tier white chocolate brownie that I have made in advance and assembled on the wedding night. It was an oversight on my part to have forgotten to take the insides of the brownies and the whole procedure. But, one has only 2 hands, and they were constantly kept busy and greasy so I had no chance to take any photos.

Take 2

What I had done basically was to bake 2 round trays (8") of white chocolate brownies and kept them for a couple of days in the fridge so that the texture would be more dense and fudgy. Then I used a heart shaped mould and cut it. As for the cream cheese, this time, I had remembered to use butter and added very little icing sugar so that it does not taste too sweet.

When assembling, try to spread the cream cheese as smoothly as possible but if it is not possible, try to stay calm. Make it look intentionally messy which I had done here and sprinkle strawberry chocolate flakes, white chocolate buttons and hundreds & thousands. Leave the cake in fridge to set and serve!!

Take 3

The guests liked the cake. I like them too. If only I could spread the cream cheese nicely....

These 3 photos are taken to compensate for the lack of other pictures of the cake. Heh...
Special thanks to Vanna White for the lovely assistance in transporting the cake!

2 connoisseur(s):

Ingrid said...

Hi, you left me this link on my blog for Blondies but you didn't post a recipe. :-(

On a positive note your Blondie wedding cake looked terrific. I want a slice and that was quite clever how you hid any imperfections, niiiiice!

ah Teo said...

hi ingrid, i think i left you 2 links. one was with the recipe. just replace the cocoa powder with milk powder or vanilla flavoured milk powder. to get a denser and fudgy brownie, u can keep them in the fridge for a few days. :o)