Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Xing Zhou Bee Hoon from 881 (XO) Famous Seafood

Actually, I have no clue as to how to make out the name of this place. It is a tze char place as far as I know and I asked my co-worker to tar pow it for me.

Ah Teo: Help me buy a pack of char bee hoon. Ordinary ones. (Ok, i forgot the name for economic bee hoon.)
Co-worker: You want those wet wet kind?
Ah Teo: Anything. (Helpless because I kind of forgot how to describe the bee hoon)

Here comes the bee hoon. It looks pretty impressive with all the various ingredients like bean sprouts, char siew, green leafy stuff, shrimps & eggs. The bee hoon tastes like how it looks. It was average as there was a lack in the "wok hei" taste.

For $4.50 a pack, I would say that they were pretty generous with their portions and it could be actually shared among 2 small eaters. But I was

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Anonymous said...

wa! i like the way they present their food, the prawns and eggs make it look so appealing!