Friday, August 22, 2008

Arnold's Fried Chicken

Chicken looked like its

This is seriously finger licking good. Thanks to Gab, I enjoyed my dinner a lot and regretted not asking her to get me more! Arnold's fried chicken has a pretty darn good batter that could kick Popeye's or KFC's chicken out of their league.

Here's the deal: Batter was thin, crispy, slightly spicy. Thigh meat was juicy and meaty. Heard that they actually use free range chicken, hence the freshness. How fresh? I can't judge.

They allow you to order any parts you like in a meal with no extra cost. But if there is any, I am not sure because Gab purchased a box of thigh meats with no additional costs. I finished my chicken and hoped that everyone else will be generous enough to give me more....but...they finished theirs too!!

I want more! More!!!!

3 connoisseur(s):

Wenn said...

making ME soo hungry!!i miss their chicken!!yummy~~

Anonymous said...

are the sides good?

ah Teo said...

jiaying: i did not try the sides. heard that the coleslaw not bad. fries shd be pretty normal. go try it!;o)