Friday, August 1, 2008

Tea Time snacks from J.Co Donuts & Coffee

Yum...these yummy donuts are being "delivered" to me as my tea time snack. I got a feeling that between the four of us, we each had 3 donuts. It may sound a lot but the donuts were so light that I actually had dinner after one hour!

Top left: Snow White. Donuts with lots of sugar you could choke on. Comes with fresh cream.
Top right: Mango Glazed donuts.
Centre left: Blueberry donuts.
Centre right: Oreo donuts.
Bottom left: Cheese Garlic. (i think. not very sure about their names)
Bottom right: Strawberry donuts. Comes with strawberry cream.

I liked the strawberry donut the most. Maybe because they reminded me of the Yan Yan strawberry cream dip. As much as I liked the old school donuts, these new generation donuts tasted not too bad themselves. No wonder there is always a queue in these outlets. Maybe I should try making them one day.

5 connoisseur(s):

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHH i so love your photos and blog posts!! sweet breakfast treats~ :D:D

post more!

ah Teo said...

jiaying: Thank you for being the first person to comment on my blog. I shall continue with more! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Ooooohh, I just posted about the same thing " donuts", except that I made it myself.

That strawberry ones look interesting, should try it the next time I stop by the shop

Dhita said...

I just made a posting about the same thing :D funny that. I made the donuts myself tho.

That strawberry ones look interesting, I should try one next time

ah Teo said...

Hi dhita, the strawberry donut is a little messy to eat but tastes good!! Do try them the next time. Btw, the donuts that u made looks gd too!