Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Food Adventures!

Ham & Cheese Croissant. The Ham slice is thicker than usual.

Chocolate Chip Croissant

Blueberry Cheese Tart

Charcoal bun

One fine Saturday morning, we decided to make our way to Little India for some lovely croissants. Mirabelle makes one of the best croissants I have ever eaten in my entire life. Unless I have a better one, I think I would go all the way for their croissants. First time we had a plain one, second time we had a chocolate chip one, and third time we finally had the ham and cheese. Votes for ham and cheese and the plain ones. The charcoal bun with custard and the blueberry cheese tart is ok.

Had a hot steaming bowl of an ordinary looking prawn noodles. After sipping the hot soup, I proceeded to eat the kway tiao. Excellent. It tastes much better than it looks. Peppery and robust, we sipped the life out of the bowl until it is dry. *snigger*

Prawn noodle

Had an onion masala thosai at Sri Kamala's with some teh tarik before heading down to Crys' place for some cheesecake baking and try her lovely Indian dishes.


Teh Tarik!

My first attempt at blueberry cheesecake baking

The dishes were ready. So was my tummy!

Pumpkin Prawn

Lady's Finger

Masala Chicken

Monday, December 14, 2009

Free Ice Cream anyone?

Got a free treat whilst strolling down Orchard Road. Woohoo!

TeaDot at Iluma

Earl Grey Latte

Matcha Latte

This was quite the refreshing change from the usual coffee that I crave for very so often. I was craving for their Matcha Latte the following day! The green tea taste does stand out although the drink could do with a bit more thicker. I had the Earl Grey Latte but I found myself drinking the Matcha Latter more. I'll return for more of their drinks. Thanks for the treat R! ;o)

Some lunch at SAFRA Yishun


Har gow

I was craving for congee. Century egg congee to be exact. With a good sprinkling of pepper, this bowl was good till it lasted. The must order item for dim sum is always har gow for me. This shrimp dumpling was one of the better ones that I have tasted. Ended the meal with a decent durian roll. What a lovely day...

Decent Durian Roll

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hatched & Mortons

It was a good cause for celebration! With some happy thoughts in mind, we trudged on to Hatched located at Evans Lodge. I must say it was a good start as we strolled and enjoyed the quiet, atmospheric surroundings. Almost like a nature walk.

We started with a more unusual offering of beer which proved to be stronger than the usual ones. In a good way of course. In a place that serves brunch, I could not resist ordering a cappuccino with an extra shot.

Burly Benedict

Spoilt for choices, we went ahead with Burly Bendict and Le Rossini as intended. One thing I noticed was the lack of salt/seasoning they had for their sides of sauteed potatoes and caramelised onions. It was rendered tasteless. Same goes for the thin slice of corned "wagyu" beef for the Burly Benedict. Perhaps it explains why salt and pepper are needed in this instance.

Le Rossini
The foie gras looked thick but it could do more with a better pan fry technique to make it more crisp and less chewy. I am guessing it might be duck liver. Truffle oil definitely helped in this dish. It is quite enjoyable to eat the toasted ciabatta with scrambled eggs, foie gras, drizzled with truffle oil. The idea for this place is good but perhaps they should select more quality ingredients to capture the attention of curious diners.


Mortons Steakhouse! What can I say? It was excellent! Definitely the best place for steak. Personalised services and menu apart, the food was of a totally different league of its own.

Onion Loaf
The onion loaf is the size of my head. It is that big. Lighting here proved to be difficult for me to take pictures so excuse the quality.

Lobster bisque
This has got to be the most umami bisque that I have complete with fresh lobster meat.

Best of the best. No words could describe this.

Sauteed spinach and button mushrooms
I swear I could eat this everyday.

I think it was a tenderloin. The best cut and taste I have ever eaten.

Grand Marnier Souffle
The texture of the souffle is so soft and fluffy I could have finished the giant portion by myself.

*Burp* It's been a great day. Absolutely lovely. Makes me wanna stretch both arms in the air and yelp a triumphant "Yatta!"

Friday, September 25, 2009

Dinner at Astons Prime, Centrepoint

I had a very good impression with Astons Specialties down at The Cathay Building. I cannot say much about the quality and food here. It did not go well with me at all.

Crap cake.
I wished it was a typo. And I wished the crap tasted better.

Steak with Apple sausage with sides of Cheesy pasta shells and potato skin.
Only sides were not too bad. No comments on the steak.

Why in the world would they give shitake mushrooms? Why? Does it enhance the taste of the steak?

It looks like it was cooked to perfection and was impressive but was actually tough and sinewy. Bloody tiring and tiring to cut the meat into pieces, I almost gave up eating the steak altogether. I would just go down to the Cathay branch for their steaks as this is not worth its price.

Would you eat this? KFC's Quadruple

Source: Insanewiches

Following up on my previous post on crazy, artery clogging eats, I found this simply intriguing. This is something found in KFC in the States but they are testing out the response. Using the chicken patty as a bread replacement is actually not unheard of but what attracted me in this picture was the actual bacon being used. The last I've heard about beef patties having the same concept and using a fork to eat this messy meal.

So long burger buns. R.I.P.

Mega McSpicy

This was round 2 of my dinner last night. Round 1 was at Carl's Jr. *snigger*

Well, I got what I asked for in this savoury, spicy, thick chicken burger that totally satisfied my craving. Sometimes I wonder which is better, KFC's Zinger or this. I need to do a comparison next time. This was super greasy and hot that I had 2 cups of tea to wash all that down. After which I proceeded to collect my mooncake. :o)

Its mine!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dinner at Sushi Tei, Raffles City

I had dinner with Zobo at Sushi Tei after not meeting up for 2 years. I was pretty intrigued by the fact that they have otoros in their menu and even much so after finding out that its $28.

The obligatory group shot

Close up

Otoro was surprisingly good. Soft and oily. It left me with glossy lips. What was even more surprising was that my gf is not interested in the otoro so I ate them all. *pats belly*

Chawanmushi with loads of ikura (salmon roe)
Tastes like how it looks. Not bad.

Minced Squid Tempura
This was ok only. Not very good.

Garlic Fried rice
Any fried rice is good for me.

Some Japanese Steamboat thing with salmon belly and other fatty fish.

This was seriously too much for 2 but we just indulged and finished them all. This was the result of not meeting up for 2 years. I tried Sushi Tei at Paragon last night and I didn't like it. I suppose this was one of the better branches around.

Banana Cream Pie from PS. Cafe Paragon

Finally, the settings for blogger has straightened out and I'm able to post again! After almost 2 months of hiatus, I have kept a lot of pictures and realised that I have eaten a lot. Totally forgot my "promise" to eat healthy but have no fear because I do not feel any guilt for eating more. *snigger*

First up is the Banana Cream Pie from PS. Cafe Paragon. This is one hell load of whipped cream. I think to myself why is the cream tasteless? Is it a fat free whipped cream? It does not taste sweet nor salty. Much less creamy. And they do charge a buck for extra cream so please ration them if you are a whipped cream freak.

Then the freshly cut bananas taste....like how it should be. Then followed by the caramel on top of the pie crust. This is the part where I think to myself again that this stuff is too sweet and I could make it at home. The caramel has done it for me. Overdosed on sugar because we had a key lime pie together with this. I should skip sugary stuff for the week.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Year Uno

I thought of going fancy for the title of this post because, after all, it is my first year anniversary of (almost) nonstop eating and blogging. On this note, I have celebrated by baking cheese muffins that did not make it to this screen as it was quite the star of its own. Looking back on the past 365 days, I have tried to bake, cook, style my food, taking pictures in artistic manner (or so I thought), ate at all possible places, put on some weight, trying to lose some and struggling with all the problems that Blogger had come up with.

It is like a cycle. Think of a place to eat. Proceed. Food arrives. Take pictures. Eat and think. Retrieve pictures on PC. Blog. Publish. Repeat.

I did all these with the intentions of making this my online food diary with nice photos and background. I thank all the readers who took the time to come to this page and make recommendations and suggestions. It was much appreciated by me and I wish I can continue to entertain you with more recipes and food photos.

On a side note, I am contemplating on changing my blog template or another platform. Your advise is greatly welcomed. Till next time.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Beehoon with salmon and egg

My mom cooks awesome tze char style beehoons and I was lucky to have them for dinner! It had over easy eggs, vegetables and salmon fillets that was so tender that I suspected it was a salmon belly. I think I had 2 servings of beehoon minus the egg and salmon :o(

Pulut Hitam (Black Glutinous Rice Dessert)

I'd like to think of this as a Chinese styled rice pudding. My mom cooked this gorgeous dessert and let me bring it to work. The most common way of eating this is drizzling thick coconut milk which has a little salt added to it. It brings out the contrast of the sweetness in the dessert and hence makes it very palatable. My mom's version has fresh milk and condensed milk added to it. Very satisfying. ;oP