Friday, August 29, 2008

Menya Shinchan

I am in the mood for something hot and soupy so headed to Menya Shinchan to try their ramen.

It was not a bad thing at all when I ordered their seafood ramen in shoyu (soy sauce) soup base which came flavoured with sardine as stated in the menu. Apart from the canned sardines, I have not seen fresh or dried ones so I actually did not know what to expect of it. The soup was fragrant and had a mild fishy taste which reminded me of ikan bilis. It was not too bad at all.

The ramen was al dente and had a slight chewy texture which in my opinion, was pleasantly tasty when paired with the saltish but flavourful broth. I did not really take note of the accompanying ingredients as they were on the average side but I think there was char shu & bamboo shoots. The portions were small so I slurped up everything pretty fast and was eyeing a sinjiro that someone ordered. It was huge!

I must try that the next time!!!

4 connoisseur(s):

Anonymous said...

what's sinjiro?

ah Teo said...

sinjiro is a soup based ramen which is topped up with a lot of ingredients until u cannot see the ramen in the soup. it is HUGE!!

p said...

the things to order at menya are the scorched sesame oil tonkotsu ramen, and also the mazesoba. both are Excellent with a capital E. the sardine broth really totally pales in comparison. always ask for the hard option, cld still be more al dente in my opinion though. but those 2 have my vote for best ramen in town.

ah Teo said...

p: Thanks for the recommendations. I have tried the spicy mazesoba and found the taste more interesting than the sardine broth ones. As for the noodles, i also like them al dente as they tastes better this way.