Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff

I just wanted a after lunch snack. Ok, I'm a glutton but I was just answering my cravings for something spicy so after lunch, I just happened to pass by this stall (Blk 91, Whampoa Drive, Whampoa Food Centre) selling curry puffs that were apparently famous and I didn't know! I usually refrain from ordering this kind of flaky puff but I was in the mood so I didn't mind.

Flaky puff skin = not my type

$1.20 a puff

This curry puff was too greasy for my liking. It did not came cheap so I had upped my expectations a little only to find out that it was not what I had preferred. They packed in a generous amount of curry potatoes which are not spicy at all. There was a slice of egg and chicken inside which did not help the puff at all in terms of taste. The pastry was too flaky and oily as you can see in the picture.

My cravings were not answered. :o(

3 connoisseur(s):

Anonymous said...

must try tip top currypuff at amk..... ahh!!!!

i no like flaky layered skin currypuff. :/ preder doughy ones.

ah Teo said... too..but is the tip top one spicy? where in amk can i find it?

Anonymous said...

its not that spicy but its really fragrant.