Thursday, August 14, 2008

Plain porridge lunch from Uncle Sim

Did not feel like eating a lot today because later a good friend of mine is bringing me to eat something "special". Hmmm...I wonder what would that be? Must remember to take pictures later.

Porridge + bittergourd + green leafy stuff + steamed egg with century egg and salted duck egg.

Uncle Sim Home Cooked Nonya Food is located at Whampoa Food Centre. I bought this back to office and proceeded to transfer everything on a plate. I like to make my food look more presentable before eating. Makes no sense. I know. Lol.

Anyway, it tasted great! At $2.50, this was one of the cheaper and healthier lunches that I had in a while.

Note: The portions were actually more than the ones shown in this picture. I'm feeling sleepy...

2 connoisseur(s):

ice said...

I love bittergourd, kiam neng and pidan too. Porridge is the best. :)

ah Teo said...

Yes..esp on days when you felt that u have eaten too much. porridge is dah thing for ya!!