Friday, September 5, 2008

Shokudo Japanese Food Bazaar


Headed to Shokudo for dinner because there is no queue. I have been in there only once and tried their waffle which did not leave a good impression on me. This time I decided to try out other food items. Their charging, or rather, billing system was similar to Marché so I actually know what to do when ordering food.

Soon I found myself stopping at every counter and checking their food item and trying to justify the reasons for ordering them because all looked tempting. We finally settled down with 2 mains, 2 sides, 1 dessert and a drink.

Salmon & Egg Don

This is comfort food. It was piping hot and the salmon tasted fresh. I wasn't expecting too much out of this because I'm no fan of cooked salmon but this was seriously decent. I may just go back for this.

Rosti with Hamburg

The hamburg will be something that I'll be back for. This charred beefy patty oozed with meaty juices and no meat lovers can resist. Ok, an exaggeration but this patty made me got excited because I can imagine this in a burger and I heart burgers!!! The rosti, however, was a misnomer. It is just some crunchy, undercooked potatoes which looked more like potato spaghetti. :o/

Prawn with bacon
This dish is rather forgettable. It just tastes like how it looks.

Grilled Beef
This was ok because the meat was tender.

Chicken wings
Yum. I am still salivating while writing this. This stuff is so addictive that we ordered 2 more sticks of it.

Waffle with milk gelato

Unlike the first time where I had an overdose of sugar, this time, the gelato and butter made it more palatable.

Iced Matcha
Slurp!! This drink is pretty cool. I like that it is not too sweet but it has a powdery after taste. Great way to end this meal with.

The bill came up to $45 for 3 persons which I thought was fairly reasonable. Thank you for the treat Anna!!! I will definitely return the treat! ;oP

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