Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Chocolate Banana Loaf at Zang Toi

I was not hungry at all when I walked past Zang Toi but I just stopped and stared at their signature chocolate banana loaf which looked humongous compared to other cakes I have seen here in Singapore. Hmmm...as I was wondering how it would taste like, I found myself seated and flipping through their menu. Yes, it is one of those hypnotic moments I find myself in whenever I see or smell something good. So we ordered a slice of the chocolate banana cake and a green mango float with ginger ale.

I certainly wasn't expecting them to warm the cake but they did. The drink came with a can of dry ginger ale and a mug of ice with green mango juice and ice cream.

The cake was soft and fluffy but not as chocolatey as the chocolate sauce being drizzled over it. This may be a smart move not to overwhelm anyone with strong flavours because the slice was quite big. It made the cake easier to eat too.

I think that this drink is cool. I liked that I could taste green mango when I am drinking and it was not too sweet and it actually quenched my thirst! We like this!!! Although I know this is not everything that KL has, this has given me fond memories of the food over there. The food in Malaysia is definitely something I would look forward when I next visit them. :oD

Zang Toi's West 57th St. Cafe
Bukit Bintang Plaza (BB Plaza) / Sungei Wang Plaza
LGF032, Lower GF
Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

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