Thursday, September 11, 2008

Key Lime Pie from PS. Cafe, Paragon

I have googled for "key lime pie" and was directed to Wikipedia where it was shown that the traditional version for this has a thick layer of meringue. It also mentioned that the colour of the filling was mostly yellowish due to the addition of eggs and food colourings are added in by some to give it a lime green colour.

More whipped cream please!

This was my first time trying this dessert and I did not know what to expect. Having no expectations was a good thing because this pie turned out to be pretty appetising and I don't mind having seconds if not for the steep pricing. The lime green coloured filling was sweet and tangy, subtley fragranced with lime and had a texture of a custard. I had imagined it to be more gelatinous but this was even better. The whipped cream and the pie base had complimented the filling so much so that I had requested for more whipped cream.

Really, I don't mind seconds. Oops, did I repeat that?

4 connoisseur(s):

LiquidShaDow said...

Though I haven't had the meringue version, I would think that I will prefer whipped cream over that. This was a good one.

ah Teo said...

Agreed. The meringue would have been too sweet.

Anonymous said...

your updates are so green! from mooncake to green tea to lime~ haha~

i didn;t like the panna cotta.. i think i just dont like panna cotta in general. :p too thick and creamy fo rme.

ah Teo said...

jiaying: ya...but it was not intentional...haha...just happened to post all green stuff. i feel healthier too. Lol... u may like the key lime pie if u like sourish stuff.