Friday, September 5, 2008

Bintan Trip

I went on a trip to Bintan recently and I must say I liked the food there enough to make me want to go back again even though I am not a beach resort fan. I stayed at Bintan Agro Beach Resort which was on the other side of the island hence the longer travelling time.

I was surprised at the quality of food provided even though they had specified that the seafood was not "fresh" ones. Sun Moon Restaurant is kelong restaurant above the sea which is connected to the main beach by a bridge. We ordered quite a number of dishes to share.

Sun Moon Fried Rice

Interesting fried rice dish. This was fried with coconut gravy. It made the rice moist, fluffy and appetizing. Definitely one of the best.

Butter Oatmeal Squid

This dish blew me away. I love squids! This was absolutely THE dish to beat. It is buttery, eggy and had enough squids to go around the table for 8 hungry people. We ordered the same next day. There were other dishes but these 2 are my favourites!

Susu Sehat = Milk Healthy (Strawberry flavoured)

I liked the packaging. The last time I had milk in an unusal package was in primary school where it was triangularly shaped like a bak chang. A little too sweet.

Pokka Strawberry Milk

The colour of the milk put me off a little because it was a little dull and dark. The milk was too diluted.

Milk in a can

I have not tried this. Heheh...will update again.

Tamarind drink

I cringed about 3 times when I had a sip of this because the juice is sour. Eek...not my type...

Food at this place called Melayu Square is absolutely delicious!! I liked the roti canai, grilled squid, fried rice, ayam penyet and teh tarik a lot but did not take photos because it was too dark.
Other than that, I am willing to endure the travelling to go back again!


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