Friday, September 19, 2008


I was in KL for the week and was happy to find Cinnabon, a chain bakery of the famous cinnamon rolls. Prior to this I only had a faint recollection of Saint Cinnamon Bake Shoppe being in Singapore for a short period of time before it disappeared magically and I am not sure if Cinnabon ever reached our shores. I did not get to try either before so I was ready to sink my teeth into this moist looking roll.

It all went to my tummy!!!! *evil grin*

This is the Caramel Pecan Cinnamon roll. I did not get the original ones as they looked dry. I am just swooned over by this soft buttery roll that has ample cinnamon, caramel and pecans. The pecans has added some texture but it did not really help in the taste department. They had provided fork and knife so eating this was a breeze. Yum. I could go on and on eating this. It was not as dense as I had expected and the roll was still a little warm. I am not sure if it was due to the scorching hot weather.

Plaza Low Yat,
G1, Ground Floor
Off Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur

3 connoisseur(s):

ice said...

Hello! I think there is a little cafe at Amara Hotel Shopping Centre called Cinnabun Tree where they bake cinnamon rolls for eat-in and takeaways. I remember seeing the pecan version before. :D

Otherwise there's always sticky bun from Simply Bread. :)

ah Teo said...

hi ice, i remember the sticky bun from simply bread a tad dense and heavier than cinnabon. would love to try cinnabun tree!!

Anonymous said...

that looks sticky and sweet~