Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lamb Chops at Sunset Way

The original plan was to go to Astons Specialties at Cathay but none of us moved our butt! By the time we are ready to eat, we have already anticipated the snake queue outside the restaurant and refused to be part of the queue.

We ended up at Sunset Way, one of the foodcourt or coffeeshop called Food Park near Blk 107A and had western food at Pasta & Grill.

They were out of sirloin and pasta so all of us got the alternatives that were available. I got the lamp chops. It is thin but redeemed itself by being crispy at the edges. Lol...I just wanted meat for my dinner so I did not really care. It has a mild lamb taste so I thought it is decent.

At $7.50 a plate, I could not expect restaurant standards so I thought it is just slightly above average. Only the coleslaw or salad was not too bad. The fries were too hard and chewy. Not my kind.

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