Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dessert at Bakerzin

I was at the UE Square (81 Clemenceau Ave) branch because I had initially thought it would be a quiet place to hang out after dinner. Quiet place also meant that service could get more efficient. Nah, I was proven wrong.

We had ordered a dessert tapas of 3, Baileys souffle and a Sweet Pleasure cake to share. Service was a little sloppy although there was not many customers. They forgot the bring out the cake and charged us for it until reminded. This was something I had to highlight. Another thing was, the banana pizza reeked of stale oil so much so that I could not bring myself to take another bite after the first. No good.

Dessert Tapas: Raspberry panna cotta, strawberry crumble with ice cream (i think) and Banana pizza with Maple ice cream. The first 2 desserts were not too bad.

The Baileys souffle was pretty good. Maybe because Baileys makes all dessert taste good? Lol...A little biased but true in my opinion. :o)

Well, I may not patronise this branch. Ever. Unless there is something to make me change my mind.

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