Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pork Rib Noodles & My Genie Mini Soon Kuehs

Quiet dinner at Whampoa Market. The prawn noodle stall is just next to Uncle Sim's. I ordered the pork ribs kway tiao because it looked good. Robust broth with garlic and pork rib flavour. For $4.50 a bowl, I had 4 meaty ribs which were pretty enjoyable because of the garlicky and braised flavour. Excuse me for the lack of vocabulary to describe this. It was decent but I just wished that the flavour was made stronger.

It comes in 5s.

This mini soon kuehs were a disappointment. The unusual shape of this soon kueh had a knot of skin which was dry and chewy. The fillings does not taste like the usual soon kuehs that I have. I have tasted enough soon kuehs to differentiate the better ones from the lousy ones.

This belonged to the latter.

Aesthetically pleasing but disappointing on the whole. I probably will not buy them again.

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