Friday, April 24, 2009

Bella Pizza at Robertson Quay

What a pleasant discovery! I gave myself a pat on the back after having dinner here and I thought to myself that I will be back. I will not order the dessert here though.

The starter of mozzarella wrapped with parma ham was a decent put together dish although I hoped that the cheese could be more chilled. It tasted like how it looked. Salty, slightly creamy tasting with refreshing tomatoes.

The star of the dinner was the pasta. Fettucine with Italian sausage and truffles and a touch of cream. It definitely was not a touch of cream here but I do not mind the sauce at all. The sausage was awesome. The black truffles provided a slight nuttish texture and taste to the pasta. One can only hope for more sausages and truffles.

I could not remember which pizza did we order but I think it was suppose to have gorgonzola in it. Although the lack of it made me a little disappointed, the pizza was sufficiently well spread with the other cheese and ham. The crust itself was easy to the bite and I felt that a beer would be great now.

Dessert: Crepes with marscarpone, nutella and bananas did not impress me at all as the crepes had a greasy after taste.

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