Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Laphet Thot (Pickled Tea leaves Salad)

This is an interesting salad and an acquired tastebud is required as I feel it may not appeal to the more conservative(boring) ones. I like this.

A little crispy, a little nuttish in taste and texture, a little sourish and saltish. I think it has crispy chickpeas, tomatoes, tea leaves and some other stuff that I can't be really bothered to identify. This makes a good appetizer or TV snack as you can nibble all you want and still feel like you can eat a cow later. This is true for me.

I forgot how many servings did I have. I only know the accompanying floral tea makes this more appetising. More! More!!

Laphet (Pickled Tea leaves) Thot (Salad)

2 connoisseur(s):

Excellent Taste said...

ha ha... yup.. and now i feel like making it again...

ah Teo said...

make more then! i'll be ready to nibble them again!