Monday, April 6, 2009

Back at Zac's

Camwhoring begins! My Laziza!!

Oxtail Stew

Mixed Sausage Platter - Can be better

Mixed grill platter - Was my favourite!

Look at the meats!!!


Hummus closeup

Little did I know that the revisit would be so soon. It was a very hot day. So hot that we had 4 Lazizas. I like this sparkling fruity malt drink. It did quench some of the thirst. I think.

I think of all the dishes, I like that lone piece of lamb the best! It was well done however, the meat was tender with enough fats to make you feel greasy but I was not in the mood to be too conscious about it. I think it just made me want to come back again for their lamb dishes!

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