Saturday, July 25, 2009

Year Uno

I thought of going fancy for the title of this post because, after all, it is my first year anniversary of (almost) nonstop eating and blogging. On this note, I have celebrated by baking cheese muffins that did not make it to this screen as it was quite the star of its own. Looking back on the past 365 days, I have tried to bake, cook, style my food, taking pictures in artistic manner (or so I thought), ate at all possible places, put on some weight, trying to lose some and struggling with all the problems that Blogger had come up with.

It is like a cycle. Think of a place to eat. Proceed. Food arrives. Take pictures. Eat and think. Retrieve pictures on PC. Blog. Publish. Repeat.

I did all these with the intentions of making this my online food diary with nice photos and background. I thank all the readers who took the time to come to this page and make recommendations and suggestions. It was much appreciated by me and I wish I can continue to entertain you with more recipes and food photos.

On a side note, I am contemplating on changing my blog template or another platform. Your advise is greatly welcomed. Till next time.

2 connoisseur(s):

CrystD said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary and keep blogging!!!