Friday, September 25, 2009

Dinner at Astons Prime, Centrepoint

I had a very good impression with Astons Specialties down at The Cathay Building. I cannot say much about the quality and food here. It did not go well with me at all.

Crap cake.
I wished it was a typo. And I wished the crap tasted better.

Steak with Apple sausage with sides of Cheesy pasta shells and potato skin.
Only sides were not too bad. No comments on the steak.

Why in the world would they give shitake mushrooms? Why? Does it enhance the taste of the steak?

It looks like it was cooked to perfection and was impressive but was actually tough and sinewy. Bloody tiring and tiring to cut the meat into pieces, I almost gave up eating the steak altogether. I would just go down to the Cathay branch for their steaks as this is not worth its price.

2 connoisseur(s):

LiquidShaDow said...

After hearing some good things about them, it was really quite the disappointment. I'm not encouraged to return again anytime soon.

CrystD said...

ewww. BTW, why aren't you updating your blog anymore?