Monday, March 2, 2009

Beef Laksa at AMK

Beef Laksa

Mixed Tendon/Tripe Beef Kway Tiao Soup

I had this for lunch today. So much for healthy eating huh. Lol. I enjoyed myself a lot! This beef laksa is one damn of a good thing. Pardon the swear but I think I like this more than the regular laksa now.

They have the tastiest beef balls around and I actually had another beef ball soup after these 2 bowls of heaven. The tendons, tripes and beef are tender and packs the beefy-ness that I was looking for in a beef noodle. The laksa gravy was not as viscous but it didn't matter because I could drink it up as a soup.

I would travel to this place, no matter how far and sweaty the journey is. This place closes on Tuesdays and opens from 7.30am - 3pm only.

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