Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Packed Lunch

Cheddar cheese sandwich

Lunch box

I had a few considerations when packing my lunch to work. It must be fuss free aka easy to bring and wash. It must be tasty. It must look interesting.

I had prepared all these the night before and kept them refrigerated until I went off to work the next morning. The cheese sandwich was nice and cold and good to eat for breakfast or brunch or as a snack. In my lunch box, I had angel hair pasta, romaine lettuce, strawberry, seaweed and a biscuit. The bottle of pesto that I kept in the office came pretty useful.

As I had no microwave or any other way of cooking my lunch at work, I just boiled some water and used it to scald my pasta and lettuce. Drain the pasta, and toss in the pesto. Occasionally I would bring some lime and give it a good squeeze so that the pasta tastes good. Tear up some seaweed into the pasta and lunch is served!

Easy peasy.

The strawberry and biscuits are just snacks to munch on when I am hungry. I have tea and coffee to help out in case I feel hungry. But, I did not feel hungry and in fact, I feel much better to have lunch at work.

Any great lunch ideas anyone? Healthy and fuss free ones? Unhealthy and fuss free ones?

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ice said...

You could do with some chilled soba! It's very refreshing since the weather's turning hot & smokey. Quick cooking at night, chill & bring the noodles to work for a wholesome lunch. The dipping sauce soba tsuyu can easily be bought from the supermart. You could top the noodles with seaweed. :)

Have a beautiful Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

hello hello! havent been visiting your blog for awhile. (:

mmm packed lunch... how about sushi? fried rice..

ah Teo said...

ice: great! i have soba noodles at home. maybe i could do that. thanks.

jiaying: welcome back. :o) if its sushi, then what kind? If its raw fish kind then will have food poisoning leh.

Anonymous said...

no la.. just those egg/crabmeats kind.. o while.. if it's me i'll pack sandwiches everyday cos i love it! haha~ or omelets... chicken chop woo~ lol!

ah Teo said...

oh ya...heheh...i like fried rice and sandwiches.