Monday, February 23, 2009

Pannacotta from Pizza Pazza

This is a great recommendation by Gab who is a dear friend of mine and has similar tastebuds as me. This ultra smooth and palate pleasing dessert costs less than S$3 (i forgot how much) and can be found at Anchorpoint foodcourt.

This stall by the name of Pizza Pazza sells the usual Italian fare of localized pizzas and pastas to suit the general tastebuds. This pannacotta, however, was pretty impressive and just makes me wanna eat them 3 servings in a row.


update on 25 Feb 2009
Went there again today. Pannacotta price is S$1.80.

5 connoisseur(s):

mommysam said...

Cool! Will go there to try. I try their pasta not bad. Next on list is Pizza. Hmmm... Got to drag hubby & boy there:p

ice said...

What a coincidence! I just had an awesome and very delicious panna cotta at Pasta Brava today. You should try it next time!

This one looks good too. :)

ah Teo said...

mommysam: which pasta did u try? i saw their pizza and it looks big. I wonder if its nice.

ice: was a little disappointed with their apple crumble. but no harm trying their panna cotta. this is good because the texture is like a creamier tau huay and tastes of cream. costs about $2.90? or $1.90? i forgot.

mommysam said...

I think it's Seafood pasta. I don't mind to gain a bit of weight, will think of losing it after deliver in April.

ice said...

I thought my apple pie was good with ample ricotta and mascarpone & served really hot! :) Perhaps the proportion of cheese in the whole pie is not equal so you could have gotten the parts without much cheese.

The panna cotta is delicious because it's like what you say, creamier tau huay. :)