Friday, January 23, 2009

Random eats

Cereal killer...with Meiji fresh milk {office brekkie}

Kopi Si {Toast Box}

Blurred pic of cauliflower gratin that I made

Teh Si. Model from Texas posing. {Toast Box}

Maggie Goreng {Al Ameen}

Chocolate cake that tasted like a bar. Too much cocoa. Sick after this.

Steak, medium rare. {Buddy Hoagies}

Chappati from KL kopitiam

Herbed Fish {Manhanttan Fish Market - KL}

Seafood Platter {Manhanttan Fish Market - KL}

Lemon & Herb Chicken {Nandos - KL}

Chicken chop from One Utama, KL

Chicken Adobo from One Utama, KL

Blueberry ball Toast {Old Town White Coffee, JB}

Meat craving {Carnivore}

Silly orange muffin that did not work out at all.

Scrumptious Noodles! {Circular Sumptous Square}

Half a duck. All mine!

I'll just post pictures of what I have eaten so far... In a bid to pack my own lunch and eat better food, I will post my pictures of packed lunches/breakfasts whenever I can.

2 connoisseur(s):

Anonymous said...

wow! So many food adventures it's making me jealous. :)

ah Teo said...

oh yes...the thrills i get out of eating all these food while I am seriously ill, makes the whole experience more memorable. heheh...