Wednesday, December 3, 2008

X'mas assorted cookies

Assortment of shortbread cookies!

I have to credit Vanna White first because without any assistance, I would not be able to complete this almost impossible task.

I followed 2 recipes and hence have 2 types of dough. Recipes were taken and adapted from Exclusively Food & Joy of Baking. The only thing that I have substituted for both recipes is the vanilla extract with the organic vanilla pods that I have on hand. Feel free to use either one.

Melting Moments Recipe (Review & Notes):
  • Dough was pretty soft to work with so I had left them in the fridge for about an hour before working with it. I needed quite a bit of flour to prevent them from sticking.
  • The oven and baking tray was a little small so I had to bake them in many batches hence the different flavours because I was bored.
  • Instead of baking at 150 degs, I baked the cookies at 190 degs for 30mins each batch as they did not get cooked after 20mins.
  • They will not change colour.
  • They had a milky taste to it and crumbles in your mouth.
  • I could change the butter to a better quality one the next time.
  • Flavours: Original & Cinnamon sugar.
  • My melting moments cookie does not have the lemon icing in between.

Shortbread cookies Recipe (Review & Notes):
  • Same as above except that this was easier to work with because of more flour.
  • For the Jam Drop cookie, just use your thumb to make that little "well" for the jam.
  • The strawberry jam needed was very little so be aware and careful when spooning the jam onto the little "well".
  • I used the strawberry milk choco bits that I got from Phoon Huat and scattered in the dough.
  • Can increase the flavours for all the cookies.
  • Shortbread tastes drier and more crisp.
  • Flavours: Star Shaped Shortbread, White Chocolate chip cookie, Jam Drop Cookie, Strawberry Milk cookie.
  • Can keep up to 2 weeks when refrigerated.

I can take orders for up to 3 flavours @ S$13.

Thank you. Cheers!

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ice said...

Oh wow I didn't know the faeries loft has moved to Chun Tin! Not related to the post haha but have you tried the chicken rendang rice from Old Town? I heard it's good! The kopi too! :)

Your cookies look lovely...mmm...can smell them...

ah Teo said...

i like their xi mut milk tea. hehe...that place has too many food places. slowly but surely i am trying out every of the stalls there. ;op burp!