Friday, December 12, 2008

Beef Pho at Madam Saigon

I like their version of beef pho. Since discovering them on Liang Seah Street a few months back, I have gone back and had repeated orders of their pancakes and beef pho.

One turn off this time was their spotty service which made me feel irritated. Most of the time when we were there, coriander was never present in their dishes and we were assured that they do not add coriander in their food but the last time we went back, they had coriander everywhere. I was lucky that I liked coriander enough to finish them off. Someone else was not that lucky as the mere sight of them would just be simply revolting.

The pancake is filled with beansprouts and some slivers of prawns and meat. The appetising tangy sauce is the key to such a tasty combi so this was a must order item everytime we are here.

The beef pho's soup is very tasty and after a good squeeze of lime, I was ready to slurp the whole bowl. ;o) I liked their big bouncy beef balls, onions and tendons. Yum yum...

I am ready to overlook the service and go back there again to try other items on their menu.

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