Friday, May 22, 2009

What I had for lunches...

Aloha! It has been sometime for a real post for what I had eaten for lunch. I forgot to take pictures for some of them and I promise to do a real documentation of what I am eating in future. These are quite random pictures.

What you didn't see:
  • coffee and sugarless soybean milk (Unisoy)
  • instant oatmeal porridge
  • things like miso soup from those miso paste sachets I got from Isetan Scotts.
  • tofu with french beans and tomato miso soup
  • salmon belly sashimi with scallions, lemon juice and XO sauce
  • baked fat free Koka instant noodles with XO sauce (thanks a lot Alice!) and squeeze of lemon
  • hard boiled egg with tomato sandwiches
  • Fruits like apples, papaya, watermelon
Mini portobellos with scallions and XO sauce.

These were excellent. The XO sauce has lots of scallops which helped in the flavouring and olive oil as the healthy fat in my diet did help in making the salad tasty. This warm mushroom salad is light on the palate and will definitely make you want to eat more.

Tuna salad with Couscous and sides of tomato with scallions and XO sauce

For the tuna, I had chopped up some red onions and mixed some pepper. The tomatoes were firm and juicy. Paired with couscous and tuna mouth waters...

Tuna, yogurt & chives with couscous

After you mix them up...

Yes...repeated ingredients are being used here but this was the best that I could manage. I used Greek yogurt here. A note to myself: next time use less chives. You can top this up with cashew nuts and it will be a filling and healthy lunch.

Cashew nuts and lemon for my water

These are my afternoon snacks. Do you know that a cut up lemon is a natural way of deodorising your space? office space smells divine...

Until next time....

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