Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pasta Brava

Updating some overdue entries. I remembered wanting to return at the end of the meal so it meant that the meal was enjoyable. Not entirely so but I'll get back on that. I like this ambience of this place. Reminds me of Porta Porta. We got a starter to share, 2 pastas and a dessert.

I wanted the calamari because I have tried better ones and had a strong craving for this dish for some time. In this case, I would prefer Da Mario's version as the batter was tastier. This was also not too bad as the spicy arriabata sauce enhanced the taste of the squids. Luckily, this was not the rubbery chewy type so I enjoyed this quite a bit.


The ravioli stuffed pumpkin and coated with capsicum cream was brilliantly executed. I could taste the capsicum in the saltish cream and the ravioli was cooked just right. The pumpkin filling was like a delicacy to me because it tasted real (i.e no fillers) and it was sweetish. Making this more like a dessert pasta dish.

The pappardelle with the duckling and mushroom ragout was not too bad with its savoury mushroom sauce and shreds of duck meat. In fact, everything turned out not bad with a generous serving of parmesan cheese. :o)

Finally, on to the dessert which I find it not too good. Maybe because of the description that was stated in the menu. "Mascarpone and ricotta apple pie" have certainly caught my eye but when served, I could not taste or see any cheese element in this dish. The chunky apples were a bonus but they were not sweet at all. It just came very hot. The ice cream came very cold. This yin and yang dessert was not something that I would order again.

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