Friday, January 16, 2009

Curry Rice at Yoshoku

Chicken Tonkatsu Curry Rice. No good.

Baked Mentaiko Scallops. Scallops were thin silvers of some seafood.

Unimpressive at all. Decided to have dinner at Serene Centre. We picked Yoshoku because of the tempting pictures of the Curry Rice. Service was spotty. No, I should say that it was no good. Experienced staff or even "owner" of the restaurant did not provide the most basic item in the restaurant.


Yes, after 10mins of staring at our food when it arrived, the utensils were not on our table and they seemed short handed. No one noticed anything wrong until we wanted to get a friend to help us get the fork and spoon. As expected, the food just tastes like how it looks. Requests for extra servings of curry were rejected with a mere excuse of how their curry comes in packets so one packet per serving. I think I could cook better than this.

3 connoisseur(s):

Anonymous said...

oh my that looks so delicious!

'designing your life'

ice said...

Geez I don't believe they have the audacity to admit their curry came from a packet!

ah Teo said...

ofifteen: Well, looks can be deceiving sometimes.

ice: i can't believe it too when they told us that. They oughta do something abt their service.