Monday, October 6, 2008

Ice Monster, 冰馆 at Plaza Singapura

I certainly did not intend to have desserts after a very satisfying dinner but was very tempted to try Ice Monster after a friend had raved about it. We had ordered a Mango with Durian shaved ice dessert to share.

Two things came to mind after the order came. Aesthetically, it was not very pleasing to my eye. Price wise, it did not came off as affordable. For S$6.50, I would have expected a mountain of shaved ice and more mango and durian. The durian puree was quite creamy and rich tasting so all was forgiven when I took a big mouthful.

This is definitely not Taiwan's snow ice standards but I do not mind coming back here to try other interesting items on the menu.

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Anonymous said...

i like the red bean and yam ice~~~ but i love red beans and yams anyway so i may be biased.. :p