Thursday, October 2, 2008

Desserts at Nectarie, le'Dessert Pâtisserie

I remembered a particular conversation with the impression of this place as a "snob" because they simply "specialize in everything."

How is that possible?

Impressions aside, I actually chose Nectarie, le'Dessert Pâtisserie after dinner because I wanted to have a nice slice of cake.

The initial choice was an Opera cake because it looked not too bad but I immediately changed my mind when the serving staff mentioned this Green Tea with Sweet Potato cake. I am glad I did because this was one of the better cakes that I had.

Why do I like this cake: That mustard yellow layer of real sweet potato had got me hooked. It was not too sweet to begin with, which was a good thing as I do not like my desserts to be overdosed with sugar. The mild green tea custard did not really accentuate any flavours as did the thin layer of cake. The sweet potato layer, however, was awesome. Genuine stuff. The maple syrup that was drizzled on the plate seems to bring out the flavour of the sweet potato. Yum...

I also tried the Blood Orange Sorbet and the Wild Strawberry Sorbet with the former being more thirst quenching. It definitely changed my impression of this place which looked like it has more substance than its pretty looks.

Left: Blood Orange Sorbet
Right: Wild Strawberry Sorbet

3 connoisseur(s):

LiquidShaDow said...

There's something with the freezing unit for the ice creams. The sorbets have a melted puddle in their containers, it's not cold enough to keep the ice creams solid. And I think it would be great if they did some work on their air conditioning for their interior since the lights are so warm.

ah Teo said...

i guess so. the sorbets were already melting when i snapped a picture of them. they should also work on the uncomfortable seats that they have inside. makes one not feel like hanging out there.

ice said...

There's something I learnt about melting point of ice creams and sorbets. Keeping the temperature variable constant, icecreams/sorbets which melt fast either have some alcoholic content or a very high sugar content in them. If they do not melt fast at a higher temperature only means lots of preservatives are added.

My guess is that the sorbets have a very high sugar content.