Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Shimbashi Soba at Paragon

Decided to head down to Paragon to have some hot soupy stuff. This is my first time eating at Shimbashi Soba so I have no idea what to order.

I ordered the Yuba & Kinoko Healthy Soba. It had tau pok, tau kee and mushrooms in a warm broth which was soothing for the throat and comforting for the tummy. I find this quite healthy and if I didn't have flu, I would have opted for more interesting sounding dish or would have skipped this place altogether.

Rather average standards as I am not too sure what to look out for. The handmade soba tasted like those that you can buy and cook at home with the exception of the coarser texture which made them more springy. The beef was good. I could finish a bowl of rice with the beef. Maybe its time to head back to Yoshinoya for my beef bowl. :oP

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