Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Avocado cake

Thank you Damon, for buying the cake.

I am not sure where this cake is from but apparently, I heard that you have to order the cake beforehand. This was a treat from a friend so I am not sure of the cost as well.

Well, this very light green cake apparently has avocado in it but I really can't tell. Maybe because avocado has this slight buttery taste which is not very distinctive. The sponge cake is rather sweet but the avocado mousse is light and has something which I cannot point a finger to. Avocado or not, this is a rather interesting cake that I have come across.

Oh, by the way, this site is rather interesting too, experimenting with avocado to bake a cake. Sweet.

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Crissy's new beginnings said...

I am very impressed I must say...